Bristol and West free life insurance review offer. Life insurance is usually viewed as a nice to have in the UK with very few families or businesses having anywhere near enough, this despite a reduction in cost due to mortality rates and the ability to make the proceeds tax efficient and get to the right person at the right time via trusts.

To discover if you need life insurance there are a few simple questions to ask yourself:

  • If I died last night what questions would my partner or business partner want answered?(Some of the usual answers we get are how much? How long will it last? When will I get it? Will I have to wait till probate approx 6 months?) 


  • What are the answers to my partner or business partner’s questions right now? 


  • What do I want them to be?


  • Have I made money available for Guardians of Children?
life insurance

Life insurance review

The most common phrase we hear is it will never happen to me, I am to young!

Well it is not news that it happens every single day of every single week to families and business owners across the country.

Life insurance can be used to protect your children and guardians helping a court to make decisions on guardianship, to maintain family standard of living should one partner die, to speed up payment on death via a trust and to protect your share of a business. We believe that nearly all life insurance should be in trust, if you have policies not in trust it would be advisable to review these life insurance policies to make sure the money goes to the right person at the right time.

If you would like to review your life cover needs Free of charge please use our contact us page quoting “free life cover review”