Choosing the right solicitor conveyancer for your new house purchase & sale is vital.

Choosing the right solicitor conveyancer for your new house purchase & sale is vital. Their job is to transfer the legal ownership of the property you are buying to you & likewise from you to the person who is buying yours. Choose the wrong one and it could be very costly, both in monetary terms and time.

We at Bristol & West Financial Services Ltd. Would always advise you to instruct an independent solicitor conveyancer for your house sale and or purchase. Estate agents will always recommend using their “preferred” solicitor conveyancer, some will pressurise you in some way, either saying by using their preferred solicitor conveyance it will keep everything “in-house” thereby helping in the overall process. Some will try and entice you (if you are a seller), by offering a slightly cheaper deal to sell your property if you use their solicitor conveyancer.


This may not always be to your advantage. Make sure you get a complete breakdown of their charges, including any extras, as generally Agents will receive a fee for referring them in the first place, which obviously will increase the fee they charge you!

You will most probably have to sign a declaration to waive your right of privacy between you and your estate agent. This on the face of it may not seem an issue. However, consider the sale through your agent is progressing smoothly. However your purchase has fallen through but you are hopeful to find another property quickly to keep the sale going through smoothly. You want your solicitor to keep this quiet, but would this happen if you were using the Agents solicitor conveyancer?


Another consideration when choosing the right Solicitor Conveyancer is “communication”. It could be that the “Agents Preferred” solicitor is a small local firm who they have dealt with for years. However in a busy estate agent who refers a lot of business through them, they may be very busy and not always available to speak to you. We at Bristol & West F.S have had personal experience of local solicitors that are so busy they refuse to speak to their clients!

This can be extremely frustrating.


When choosing the right solicitor conveyancer which is right for you, a lot of our clients initially think it is important to find one that is local to them. However with technology as it is these days, it is very unusual if you actually meet your solicitor conveyancer, even if they are local. We at Bristol & West FS work with a “panel” of conveyancers that are continually monitored in all aspects of their work, from competitive pricing, their processing systems in place through to communications with our clients.

In Summary:

  • Choosing the Right Solicitor Conveyancer is Vital
  • You don’t have to accept the Agents recommendations
  • If you do choose a local solicitor, do some research, ask if any friends/colleagues have used them and what they are like.
  • Get a complete breakdown of costs before you instruct them
  • Enquire whether you need to see them in person and what processes they have in place if not.

Should you need the services of a solicitor/conveyancer we can help you by using our  contact us or call 01179596503