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A mortgage to buy your home

Mortgage Guide Contents   Our mortgage Guide Introduction Here to help you The mortgage Application process A-Z mortgage glossary This communication does not constitute advice and should not be taken as A recommendation to purchase any of the products or services mentioned. Before taking any decisions we suggest you seek [...]

Advice on ownership of property

Advice on ownership of property It is vitally important that you take advice and understand how property ownership works in the UK, as it can make a huge difference if your circumstances change. Basically there is two ways a couple can own a property:- Joint Tenants Tenants in Common. Joint Tenants [...]

Solicitor Conveyancer the importance of choosing the right one

Choosing the right solicitor conveyancer for your new house purchase & sale is vital. Choosing the right solicitor conveyancer for your new house purchase & sale is vital. Their job is to transfer the legal ownership of the property you are buying to you & likewise from you to the [...]

Fixed Rate Mortgage the positives and the negatives

A Fixed Rate Mortgage have some of the lowest rates ever seen. But is it the right time to lock in your mortgage payments? The Principality, for example, has a two-year fixed rate mortgage deal at just 1.5%. You need a deposit of 20% to qualify and it comes with [...]

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Re-mortgage increase

Re-mortgage The Re-mortgage market seems to be on the up with enquiries to Bristol & West Financial Services increasing this month by 68%. The announcements by several economists that inflation was likely to increase due to the pound falling to record lows and making the importing of goods more expensive. Compounded by [...]

Mortgage in Retirement

Mortgage in Retirement Mortgage in retirement or re-mortgage can be difficult as many existing lenders will not or cannot help. Lenders have an age limit for taking out a mortgage and for finishing a mortgage this linked to tougher affordability calculations makes it more difficult for anyone over the age [...]

Re-Mortgage Bristol

YOUR HOME MAY BE REPOSSESSED IF YOU DO NOT KEEP UP THE REPAYMENTS ON YOUR RE-MORTGAGE Re-Mortgage Bristol, whatever your reasons, Bristol and West Financial Services will listen carefully to your needs. We’ll explain the process clearly, and help you weigh up the pros and cons of a re-mortgage, compared [...]

Remortgage & Moving House

Remortgage Remortgaging is an option taken by many homeowners for lots of different reasons – you may want to find yourself a better deal on your repayments, enabling you to save money or pay the mortgage of quicker or you may want to use the remortgaging process to consolidate any [...]

Financial advice three questions you should ask!

At Bristol & West Financial Services we have a belief that everyone should think very carefully about three questions before taking financial advice. The reasons are quite simply, answering these will allow you to make an informed financial decision and that at least ONE of these THREE is GUARANTEED to [...]