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LIFE INSURANCE, Women and Myths

WOMEN WORKERS FOREGOING LIFE INSURANCE PROTECTION According to recent research*, it’s not just the gender pay gap that women workers have to contend with. Many are also likely to be putting themselves at risk! When it comes to having adequate life insurance, insurance cover in place. New findings from a major insurer [...]

Life Insurance do you need it?

Bristol and West free life insurance review offer. Life insurance is usually viewed as a nice to have in the UK with very few families or businesses having anywhere near enough, this despite a reduction in cost due to mortality rates and the ability to make the proceeds tax efficient and [...]

Financial advice three questions you should ask!

At Bristol & West Financial Services we have a belief that everyone should think very carefully about three questions before taking financial advice. The reasons are quite simply, answering these will allow you to make an informed financial decision and that at least ONE of these THREE is GUARANTEED to [...]

Life Prepare for the unexpected!

Life insurance: the ultimate safety net for your family   A life insurance policy will help bring financial security to your family in the event of your death. It’ll also help you enjoy life, by giving you peace of mind. Thinking about your own death is not something many people [...]

Income protection why it pays to take it out!

Why it pays to take out income protection Covering yourself with income protection could help you avoid financial struggles if you were unable to work. We explain how it works and what to look out for. You may wonder how you might pay your mortgage if an illness or injury [...]

Family Protection – Let’s talk about Death!

At Bristol & West Financial Services we talk to Parents everyday about family protection, their businesses and their debts, we find the three main reasons for parents not taking our advice are: I am too young to die/ it won’t happen to me I can’t afford it. The state will look after [...]